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Beach - The New Beach United Church

The New Beach United Church
140 Wineva Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4E2T4


The Church has agreed to allow people with strollers to enter through the front doors. Please leave the strollers packed as tightly together under the stairs as possible so we don't get in the way of other people using the space. The front door locks automatically after it closes but we will do our best to have someone there to let you in right away. 

Also the Church has asked me to ask all families to please refrain from giving your children rice cakes inside the church as apparently the crumbs are causing some problems with the vacuum cleaner. 


We will also place floor mats on the lower hall, from the main doors to the bottom of the stairs. Once the snow flies, we will leave a small broom at the main door, so wheels can have snow and slush brushed off before tracking into the building.

There is an elevator that you are welcome to take to the second floor if you prefer not to use the stairs.

Just north of Queen on the west side of Wineva. There is street Parking or Green P parking just south of Queen off Lee Ave two blocks west.

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